Our Story

Our story is one of heritage, love, being proud of our roots and paying homage to it. Sophie Rose Candle Company's heritage is a culmination of southern tradition and unconditional love. We pay homage to our Southern roots through the sense of smell. Many of the candle fragrances are inspired by the founder's Southern Grandparents and the memorable scents they created by making Peach Preserves, sipping Sweet Tea, serving Cream Coffee with breakfast, etc. In fact, the company name is a combination of the founder's Grandparents' names. Her Grandfather was named Sophie and her Grandmother's maiden name was Rhodes. Rose is a play on Rhodes as well as her Grandmother's favorite flowers were roses. We also celebrate Southern Hospitality through classic Southern scents such as Honeysuckle & Jasmine and Pineapple & Sage. 

We have since expanded to include a curated line known as our Signature Collection which features fragrances such as Amber Moss & Teakwood and Mint Eucalyptus + Grassy Lemon that are exclusive to the Sophie Rose Candle Co. brand.