Black Pepper + Orange Zest

Sophie Rose Candle Co.

Black Pepper + Orange Zest is a pleasant exotic scent and is not to be likened to the sneeze-inducing odor of the black pepper seasoning used by many. This fragrance is reminiscent of high-grade Malabar peppercorns with soothing notes of citrus orange bergamot. It is a richly aromatic blend of zesty fresh orange peel and piquant peppercorns enhanced by orange essential oils. Black Pepper + Orange Zest is an upscale spiced citrus treat that becomes sweeter as it burns. It is a perfect fragrance for the Fall and Winter seasons but may be enjoyed year-round. ©

Black Pepper + Orange Zest by Sophie Rose Candle Co.


• 100% Pure Domestically Grown Soy Wax
• All Natural Lead & Zinc Free Cotton Wicks
• Vegan-friendly
• Eco-friendly 
• Clean Burning – No Toxins, Carcinogens or Pollutants
• Lasts up to 50% longer than conventional paraffin wax candles

At Sophie Rose Candle Co., each and every one of our candles are hand-poured in small batches and handcrafted with precision.



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