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I am a candle connoisseur. An expert in matters of brilliant open flames that marry cotton core wicks with clean burning pure soy wax. The creator of magnificent scents that evoke relaxation, meditation, escapism, inspiration and motivation. A creator of magic. I am Sheree. Founder & Creative Director of Sophie Rose Candle Co. ©

Sophie Rose Candle Co. began on my journey to holistic health and an unwillingness to kick my candle addiction. After amassing an extensive candle collection, I realized that they were only aesthetically pleasing to me. I was unable to enjoy the candles when lit due to the overbearing, headache inducing fragrances. I decided to research exactly what these candles contained and was blown away. The typical candles on the market are loaded with carcinogens, chemically-laced fragrance oils, toxic metal core wicks, and paraffin wax which is a byproduct of crude oil. Disgusting right? Armed with this information and my personal love for candles along with the need to keep my space safe and free from toxins, I curated my first line of Eco-friendly nontoxic candles. Sophie Rose Candle Co. was born out of the demand for my healthy candles as referred to by family and friends.

The name Sophie Rose gives honor to my maternal grandparents – my grandfather Sophie and my grandmother Margaret who had an affinity for roses. I am an Atlanta native, so I also wanted to pay homage to my southern roots through the sense of smell. My very first candle line was my Southern Charm Collection which features memorable scents created by my grandparents in their everyday lives as well as traditional southern fragrances.

Since 2017, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by a wonderful tribe whom I affectionately refer to as Rose Buds. I am forever grateful for all my Rose Buds who have been on this journey with me from the very beginning and for the many I continue to meet along the way. Thank you all for supporting and believing in my purpose. I AM because of YOU.

Handcrafted with Love + Intention.




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