Our sustainably sourced rose gold wrapped white sage wands are perfect for setting intentions and maintaining good vibes only. Sage wands are also used to purify the air, disperse negative energy, and for clarity, protection and healing.

Our sage wands are derived from nature so no two are exactly alike. The photos are representative of what you will receive but the size and coloring of each sage wand may vary. 

Our sage wands are available in two sizes. Both are 4 inches in length; however they differ in fullness (diameter). Reference the above photo for size comparison. 

Benefits of Sage Smudging

Safety Tips:  Burn sage in a well-ventilated area. Always stay present while burning your sage wand. Never leave burning sage unattended for any reason. Keep burning sage away from children, pets and flammable material. Immediately stamp out any embers that may fall to the floor. Also, be sure not to directly inhale too much of the smoke. 

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